One Together

EPISODE #24- Stephen Hunter, Actor, Voice Artist and legend family man.

Chances are you went to school, or work with a guy JUST LIKE Stephen Hunter, HELL, you might even be just like him… He and Heather met back at acting school when he was a scruffy haired ginger fellow who just loved to make people laugh. He was always written off by others as the guy who was “dabbling” in acting and probably wound’t “make it”. Then he got a role in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, and oh how did it change his tune & peoples opinions. But at his core, he is still that fun loving ginger fellow who likes to make people laugh.

What you don’t know is, how many times he considered giving up. The level of work he puts in to make it look “easy” and “fun”. Plus he really opens up about trying to work while grieving. Something we are all in this world, very familiar with.

In his family home, Shunter welcomes in Heather with a coffee and a lemonade to discuss:

The pain of losing the ones you love.
How he had to try grieve two things at once.
Staying grounded, when you’re killing it.
As we get older, having to say goodbye.
Accepting the good with the bad.
Making sure you protect the one’s you leave behind.
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