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EPISODE #23- Tanja Gacic, Founder of My Empirical Life and Supermodel


Being pretty, and the curse of the pretty woman in life is not something we are allowed to admit as a species. If you are considered beautiful. You are to be quiet and not let anyone know you are aware of it. You will be treated totally different and apparently it’s only in a positive way.


This week Heather heads out to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia to meet with a woman who’s beauty literally got her paid. She’s is a world class supermodel, even though she would be too humble to admit it, and also a strong feminist writer. Tanja migrated to this country as a young girl and was always treated differently. If it wasn’t for her accent or cultural background. It was for her beauty. This weeks chat is a wonderful insight into the world of “crippling beauty” and how painful it can actually be. Bet you want to judge for that? Just wait…

Prepare yourself, you are about to learn a different side to the world:

How girls fart in public- being real.
Effects of botox…
The fear of being a feminist.
How to survive a superficial industry.
We are taking the “thin” veil off the fashion industry.
How often you put your light out for another woman.
Not owning your beauty because you’re not allowed, and can’t say you feel like shit cause you’re TOO pretty.
The dangers for young women modelling.
Someone once told her “you have big peasant hands”.
Growing up in Australia when you’re from another country.

Episode performance

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