One Together

EPISODE #22- Oscar and Angus, Bothers Who Started Hyperformance Podcast

In the wild wild west of podcasting there are 2 cowboys with a similar intention to the ONE podcast and Heather’s goals as a host. The HYPERFORMANCE podcast; has brothers at it’s helm hoping to help change the course of the media world when it comes to health and fitness. Equally tired of the same bullshit headlines that ravage their industry… Oscar and Angus saw a hole in their PT market, for people who want to learn, not just get rock hard abs. So they come to the delightful studio in Potts Point with a delicious Pimms and chat with our host Heather about:

Feminism vs extreme feminism Mens rights activism Male violence from women and sexual assult. Feminism in sport and womens rights Instagram is just about fitness these days. The flaws, is what makes a woman beautiful to men. Picking rubbish partners, men do it too, and what is break up hygiene?This episode was recorded in July.

The ONE podcast is proudly sponsored by the team at Body Armour, the smart drink, you have before consuming alcohol. When this podcast was recorded Heather had a BA drink an hour before recording so she was protecting her liver and body. It really works for her. She stands by it.

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