One Together

EPISODE #20- Glenn Marsden, Founder of Imperfectly Perfect, Photographer & Personal Trainer

Glenn Marsden started Imperfectly Perfect campaign because he had enough of the way mental health was being stigmatised in this country. He is a father, and everyday guy with a camera. Just a dude… Who has built the whole business for free, and now is at a point where he is talking with the Australian Government about making it an offical non for profit. This week he joins Heather Maltman in our Potts Point studio. They talk about some epic topics getting around, so brace yourself.

His own battles with body dysmorphia!
Male suicide!
How do we create a world where men can feel?
Better education needed in fitness industry…
PLastic surgery and body changes.
Young kids and selfesteem from socials.
Followers on socials and success…
Young boys, and needing more emotional lessons as we move into a more equal society

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