One Together

EPISODE #19- Alex Fevola, Proud Mum and Founder/ CEO of Runway Room

Honest about what it looks like on the inside, this week Heather Maltman travels to Melbourne to find out how Alex Fevola “has it all”… That bloody saying that has caused women everywhere to jump cues and claw their best friends out of the way, just to seem like they’ve made it happen.

Alex is a down to earth woman, who is warm and funny. She has drive and focus like that of a puma. She talks Heather through those tough life questions. We cover:

The level of work that goes into getting what you want. It took her 18years…
Wanting to help women feel confident with their makeup.
Was a rebel in her business space.
The evolution of beauty.
Mum work life, and finding the balance.
Being in love with what you do.
Starting a business when you’re a woman. It’s not as easy as it looks. Even if you’re in a co shared parenting space. If you have your own kids, you will still have to consider how that period will work.
Being a single mum and running your own business.

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