One Together

EPISODE #17- Tracie Eaton, International Artist and Humanitarian

Heather Maltman met Tracie while working on radio. There was a fascination everyone around her had with doing art pieces for the likes of Jim Carey and Emma Watson… But Heather could not help but wonder what drove people to invest in her art in the first place. It had this raw fierce potential… So while everyone was busy doting over Tracie’s “labelled work”, Heather connected with her on a deeper level, and as a result. This week we travel to her art studio on the Gold Coast in QLD to talk about her life, and how she went from a sales woman who hated her life. To a free thinking artist who gets paid for her work.

(This weeks episode is proudly supported by Body Armour. The smart drink helping to change the alcohol culture in Australia.)

We cover the following topics:

How to hold up other women, and why we can’t seem to do it.
Putting out that light within.
Colour therapy
Can you look in the mirror and say you love yourself?
The suppression of self and the disconnect it causes.
Pressure on women to have kids.
How to go from the job you hate, to living your passion.
How to change your patterns that reinforce awful beliefs.
The choice not to be a parent.

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