One Together

EPISODE # 16- Who is BODY ARMOUR, changing the way we abuse alcohol

This week Heather Maltman heads to Brisbane to sit down with the ONE sponsors Toni, Sarg and Tag who started Body Armour (we have a human missing in the episode) and talk hilariously about why a medicinal drink like this was needing to be developed. Body Armour protects the liver and helps is break down the toxic additives in alcohol. Listen to this weeks episode to find out how this will change the way we abuse alcohol, and create a heather lifestyle.
  • Pregnant women drink it.
  • Getting TGA certified.
  • They are the first of it’s kind in Aus, and to be certified is a huge step forward. 
  • Where to get it. 
  • The negative publicity of “curing hangovers”.
  • Concerns from parents around teenage drinking. 
  • PLUS: How to start your own business. Tips from the boys, and hilarious stories from Vagas!!!! 

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