One Together

EPISODE # 15- Andrew Csabi, Security Guard and Survivor of The Bali Bombings


Andrew Csabi is an amazing man. He owns and runs a security company on the Gold Coast, Australia. When he met Heather on her previous radio show. Heather asked if he would join the podcast, and share the story about not only surviving the Bali Bombings in 2002… But also being asked to meet the man who planned the whole thing… Shake his hand, and give him forgiveness. 

Heather and Andrew discuss:
  • Bomb Bali Life after death- the book he wrote, and we have one to give away to a listener… be following Heather’s socials. 
  • After being in a motorcycle accident, his mates suggested they go to Bali for a holiday to recover. He broke his neck and almost lost his life. 
  • Andrew lost his mother after all the pain of going through Bali…  
  • 5 people died out of those 12 they were with.
  • He told the man who tired to kill him, he lost his leg, about the countless children he orphaned… 
  • How Andrew saved Heather from a meaningless career she was not happy with. 
This episode is proudly supported by Body Armour. The Smart drink trying to help improve the drinking culture in Australia.

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