About One


The podcast about helping you get out of the past, and into your future self, by creating one consciousness together through others experiences. A weekly reminder to stay connected to the now and ask the questions that can move you forward into your destiny, NOW. 

Heather Maltman will ask the tough questions with love and connection, so that you have a place to learn and grow. She travels all over the world finding the conversation you need


The podcast that comes to you… Heather has been flying all over the world, to bring you stories from every corner of the globe.

HEATHER (MALTZ) MALTMAN is the ONE behind this ONE

Coming from the dregs of housing commission where she would go days without food, clean uniforms for school and the cement in her house was cold and smelt of dog and cat piss… Heather Maltman is a woman who overcame a mother with a mental illness so bad she doesn’t know Heather is her daughter any longer. When Maltz finally met her father at 18 he died of cancer only 5 years later.


She has beaten so many odds, had her own encounters with the #metoo movement and is tired of being asked to play the role of “The nice girl who laughs along just cause it makes everyone comfortable”. She is not a “feminist” (although would happily burn a bra) she is an “equalist”, and wants to connect with you in every way humans are supposed to in this lifetime.


Matthew Baker

Head Content Creator


When Maltz first asked Matt if he would  be interested in coming on board to work content creation, you could not wipe the smile off his face. Excited about the opportunity to not only put his skills to great use, but to listen, learn, grow and share with the ONE community. Like many of us Matt has been in some dark times in his life and can relate to feeling like your all alone and there is just no way out! It has been his dream to be apart of a platform that can reach out and help inspire others to realise there is always a way. You have a choice to make change and you don’t have to do it as ONE, we can do it together!