October 2019

  Being pretty, and the curse of the pretty woman in life is not something we are allowed to admit as a species. If you are considered beautiful. You are to be quiet and not let anyone know you are aware of it. You will be treated totally different and apparently it's only in a positive way. BUT IT"S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL! This week Heather heads out to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia to meet with a woman who's beauty literally got her paid. She's is a world class supermodel, even though she would be too humble to admit it, and also a strong feminist writer. Tanja migrated to this country as a young girl and was always treated differently. If it wasn't for her accent or cultural background. It was for her beauty. This weeks chat is a wonderful insight into the world of "crippling beauty" and how painful it can actually be. Bet you want to judge for that? Just wait