EPISODE #24- Stephen Hunter, Actor, Voice Artist and legend family man.

Chances are you went to school, or work with a guy JUST LIKE Stephen Hunter, HELL, you might even be just like him… He and Heather met back at acting school when he was a scruffy haired ginger fellow who just loved to make people laugh. He was always written off by others as the guy who was “dabbling” in acting and probably wound’t “make it”. Then he got a role in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, and oh how did it change his tune & peoples opinions. But at his core, he is still that fun loving ginger fellow who likes to make people laugh. What you don’t know is, how many times he considered giving up. The level of work he puts in to make it look “easy” and “fun”. Plus he really opens up about trying to work while grieving. Something we are all in this world, very familiar with. In his family home, Shunter welcomes in Heather with a coffee and a lemonade to discuss: The pain of losing the ones you love. How he had to try grieve two things at once. Staying grounded, when you’re killing it. As we get older, having to say goodbye. Accepting the good with the bad. Making sure you protect the one’s you leave behind. This episode is proudly sponsored by the gents at Body Armour, the smart drink from Australia, that has been tried and tested by experts.

EPISODE #23- Tanja Gacic, Founder of My Empirical Life and Supermodel

  Being pretty, and the curse of the pretty woman in life is not something we are allowed to admit as a species. If you are considered beautiful. You are to be quiet and not let anyone know you are aware of it. You will be treated totally different and apparently it’s only in a positive way. BUT IT”S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL! This week Heather heads out to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia to meet with a woman who’s beauty literally got her paid. She’s is a world class supermodel, even though she would be too humble to admit it, and also a strong feminist writer. Tanja migrated to this country as a young girl and was always treated differently. If it wasn’t for her accent or cultural background. It was for her beauty. This weeks chat is a wonderful insight into the world of “crippling beauty” and how painful it can actually be. Bet you want to judge for that? Just wait… Prepare yourself, you are about to learn a different side to the world: How girls fart in public- being real. Effects of botox… The fear of being a feminist. How to survive a superficial industry. We are taking the “thin” veil off the fashion industry. How often you put your light out for another woman. Not owning your beauty because you’re not allowed, and can’t say you feel like shit cause you’re TOO pretty. The dangers for young women modelling. Someone once told her “you have big peasant hands”. Growing up in Australia when you’re from another country. Episode performance

EPISODE #22- Oscar and Angus, Bothers Who Started Hyperformance Podcast

In the wild wild west of podcasting there are 2 cowboys with a similar intention to the ONE podcast and Heather’s goals as a host. The HYPERFORMANCE podcast; has brothers at it’s helm hoping to help change the course of the media world when it comes to health and fitness. Equally tired of the same bullshit headlines that ravage their industry… Oscar and Angus saw a hole in their PT market, for people who want to learn, not just get rock hard abs. So they come to the delightful studio in Potts Point with a delicious Pimms and chat with our host Heather about: Feminism vs extreme feminism Mens rights activism Male violence from women and sexual assult. Feminism in sport and womens rights Instagram is just about fitness these days. The flaws, is what makes a woman beautiful to men. Picking rubbish partners, men do it too, and what is break up hygiene?This episode was recorded in July. The ONE podcast is proudly sponsored by the team at Body Armour, the smart drink, you have before consuming alcohol. When this podcast was recorded Heather had a BA drink an hour before recording so she was protecting her liver and body. It really works for her. She stands by it.

EPISODE #21- Saskia Hampele- Actor and Founder Gift Box Tampons

  This episode is so raw, we had to bleep parts out to protect the guest and host. Heather Maltman has a super confronting chat with Saskia in the Potts Point studio in Sydney, about how much the entertainment industry needs a rocket up it to get cleaner. Saskia is very well known for her on screen talents, but she is also a smart young woman who is really making a difference in our world. This week the women talk about: Becoming jaded in the industry. Even at the top of your game you can feel like quitting. The acting world as a woman Being bullied until labeled trouble or a diva, or worse “acting like a victum” Publicity and the pressure on being sexy. W had to cut out Heather’s “me too” story for legal reasons, due to being female and ostracised. Sexual discrimination The media twists headlines, we talk about the very thing ONE is trying to amend. The word vagina- and it’s powerful word. The way bullies will slowly break you down. What is feminism? The shame of the film industry sexism and race.

EPISODE #20- Glenn Marsden, Founder of Imperfectly Perfect, Photographer & Personal Trainer

Glenn Marsden started Imperfectly Perfect campaign because he had enough of the way mental health was being stigmatised in this country. He is a father, and everyday guy with a camera. Just a dude… Who has built the whole business for free, and now is at a point where he is talking with the Australian Government about making it an offical non for profit. This week he joins Heather Maltman in our Potts Point studio. They talk about some epic topics getting around, so brace yourself. His own battles with body dysmorphia! Male suicide! How do we create a world where men can feel? Better education needed in fitness industry… PLastic surgery and body changes. Young kids and selfesteem from socials. Followers on socials and success… Young boys, and needing more emotional lessons as we move into a more equal society Sponsorships: off for this episode

EPISODE #19- Alex Fevola, Proud Mum and Founder/ CEO of Runway Room

Honest about what it looks like on the inside, this week Heather Maltman travels to Melbourne to find out how Alex Fevola “has it all”… That bloody saying that has caused women everywhere to jump cues and claw their best friends out of the way, just to seem like they’ve made it happen. Alex is a down to earth woman, who is warm and funny. She has drive and focus like that of a puma. She talks Heather through those tough life questions. We cover: The level of work that goes into getting what you want. It took her 18years… Wanting to help women feel confident with their makeup. Was a rebel in her business space. The evolution of beauty. Mum work life, and finding the balance. Being in love with what you do. Starting a business when you’re a woman. It’s not as easy as it looks. Even if you’re in a co shared parenting space. If you have your own kids, you will still have to consider how that period will work. Being a single mum and running your own business. We are proudly supported by the guys at Body Armour, the smart drink helping change the way we consume alcohol.


    This week is a little different. Due to the loss of a very special friend of Heather’s she has decided to be honest with you in what has been happening. As we all know. Grief does not wait for a great time and time… Does not wait. Dedicated to Alan Selva. Rest well our friend. Proudly supported by Body Armour.

EPISODE #17- Tracie Eaton, International Artist and Humanitarian

Heather Maltman met Tracie while working on radio. There was a fascination everyone around her had with doing art pieces for the likes of Jim Carey and Emma Watson… But Heather could not help but wonder what drove people to invest in her art in the first place. It had this raw fierce potential… So while everyone was busy doting over Tracie’s “labelled work”, Heather connected with her on a deeper level, and as a result. This week we travel to her art studio on the Gold Coast in QLD to talk about her life, and how she went from a sales woman who hated her life. To a free thinking artist who gets paid for her work. (This weeks episode is proudly supported by Body Armour. The smart drink helping to change the alcohol culture in Australia.) We cover the following topics: How to hold up other women, and why we can’t seem to do it. Putting out that light within. Colour therapy Can you look in the mirror and say you love yourself? The suppression of self and the disconnect it causes. Pressure on women to have kids. How to go from the job you hate, to living your passion. How to change your patterns that reinforce awful beliefs. The choice not to be a parent.

EPISODE # 16- Who is BODY ARMOUR, changing the way we abuse alcohol

This week Heather Maltman heads to Brisbane to sit down with the ONE sponsors Toni, Sarg and Tag who started Body Armour (we have a human missing in the episode) and talk hilariously about why a medicinal drink like this was needing to be developed. Body Armour protects the liver and helps is break down the toxic additives in alcohol. Listen to this weeks episode to find out how this will change the way we abuse alcohol, and create a heather lifestyle. Pregnant women drink it. Getting TGA certified. They are the first of it’s kind in Aus, and to be certified is a huge step forward.  Where to get it.  The negative publicity of “curing hangovers”. Concerns from parents around teenage drinking.  PLUS: How to start your own business. Tips from the boys, and hilarious stories from Vagas!!!! 

EPISODE # 15- Andrew Csabi, Security Guard and Survivor of The Bali Bombings

. Andrew Csabi is an amazing man. He owns and runs a security company on the Gold Coast, Australia. When he met Heather on her previous radio show. Heather asked if he would join the podcast, and share the story about not only surviving the Bali Bombings in 2002… But also being asked to meet the man who planned the whole thing… Shake his hand, and give him forgiveness.  Heather and Andrew discuss: Bomb Bali Life after death- the book he wrote, and we have one to give away to a listener… be following Heather’s socials.  After being in a motorcycle accident, his mates suggested they go to Bali for a holiday to recover. He broke his neck and almost lost his life.  Andrew lost his mother after all the pain of going through Bali…   5 people died out of those 12 they were with. He told the man who tired to kill him, he lost his leg, about the countless children he orphaned…  How Andrew saved Heather from a meaningless career she was not happy with.  This episode is proudly supported by Body Armour. The Smart drink trying to help improve the drinking culture in Australia.